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The Night She Fell is the first book by Jennifer Soucy that I've read… and it's not going to be the last! 4⭐! There's actually already a sequel announced to this one which I will absolutely be checking out – come on 2021! In this story, we follow Cori with her ambition to be a strong witch like her mama as she navigates through a quick, passionate romance with a man whose family with a dark, sordid past could not be more different from her own. Cori and her mama are restaurant owners just making it work day to day. They are not wealthy or social elitists. And this new man, Hayden, is from one of the wealthiest families around. What secrets connect Cori and Hayden? Will the past repeat itself? And will Cori discover and unleash her powers before they are all doomed? All of these questions buzzed through my mind while trying to put all the pieces together on how his parents are connected with Cori's. I thoroughly enjoyed this story! It has a great blend of so many elements: witchy, horror, romance, sexy (πŸ”₯ ooh la la!), mystery, etc. I tore through this book because I couldn't stand not knowing what would happen to Cori, her mama, Hayden, his family, etc. It seemed that once the 30% mark was hit that the story took an accelerated route down "What-is-happening?!"-land and there was no turning back. πŸ™ŒπŸ» Cori is extremely likable… and I enjoyed the fun friendship she has with Monica as it allows us another viewpoint into all that is going on in the story. Cori's rushed and explosive πŸ‘€ relationship with Hayden swings like a pendulum. Do we trust him? Does he have ulterior motives? Does he truly love her? We go back and forth – and that just adds to the mystery and intrigue of the story even more! Safety is priority number one here… and just how safe is everyone?! Eyes πŸ‘ I loved all the witchy goodness in this book… from spelling foods/drinks to Hekate herself. I am so eager for the next book because this is a world I could stay in for quite some time! Release date: 9/22/2020

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