I’m sure everyone has heard of the Banshee, the wailing woman of the Celts. A spirit who wanders the night, appearing as a hag or a lovely young woman with eyes red from endless tears, mourning some unlucky person’s imminent death. Unlike other mythological spirits, the Banshee isn’t dangerous. She doesn’t hurt or kill anyone. She is only a harbinger, a warning of what’s to come.

I appreciate the concept of the Banshee, pouring out her grief to mark the passing of another precious soul. We all learn from life and lament our losses, and we all have something to share with others.

I would like to make my own humble contribution with stories about my perceptions of the world we live in. A small gift of myself in exchange for years  spent reaping the benefits of the knowledge shared so freely by others. It’s the Circle of Life, no? My regular blog will discuss the horror/dark fantasy genre, publishing updates, writing tips, and more. But I would like this area to be special.

Banshee Tales, a haven for creators and appreciators who thrive on the inspiration sparked by storytelling. A different type of blog to celebrate the brilliant people and ideas that have come before, gracing us with their stunning and intrepid visions. A place to offer homage to both the legends of the past and existing artists that influence our conscious and subconscious minds, offering up their vital essence to the hungry masses with an open generosity of spirit.

This is how the creation process works. It’s a brave and personal sacrifice, a genuine desire to offer a piece of yourself back to those who once inspired you. Artists innovate and breathe new life into the dusty myths of the past, reinterpreting traditional beliefs for a constantly evolving population. It’s been said before that all the world’s stories have already been told. The only difference is how you tell it. What new twist can one contribute to the ongoing narrative begun by the earliest humans, whose own tales originated with pictures painted on cave walls? What insight can we share with modern societies, whose fundamental beliefs and values often remain the same despite existing within a dizzying funnel of modern advances?

All people learn from the past, growing and adapting into something special. Eventually, they add something of themselves to the shared collective of human history – one more brick in the wall, a vast knowledge base we all benefit from. And it’s easier now than ever. Technology offers endless ways to communicate, pushing us beyond our comfort zones to discover something new. The world is shrinking, but don’t be scared. Learning is fun, especially when we plug into the unknown. The best part is, learning from others allows us to gain hidden insights about ourselves.

Isn’t that the goal for this crazy journey? Life is learning, otherwise, what’s the point of it all?

So sit back and relax. I hope you enjoy the tales, and feel free to comment. You know how to reach me!

I’ll just be here, typing by the light of my computer as I weep for the lost and cherish the present, overwhelmed with gratitude for the heroic souls who inspired me. I will send my hopes, dreams, wishes, and fears into the void – one woman’s observations after half a lifetime of experience, a gift of dubious value. But it’s all I have to give, treasured pieces of myself that might help others as I was once helped.

I will honor all souls, living and dead, as we plod together along The Great Path in search of compassionate enlightenment, our full minds digesting the shared tales about ourselves and each other.